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Welcome at the Dutch Irish Wolfhound Foundation

The SIW is a non-profit organization and its main objective is the preservation and improvement of the Irish Wolfhound breed, the promotion of health and well-being of the dogs belonging to this breed in general, and the prevention and control of hereditary defects of this breed in particular.

As from 1995 the health and population of the IW have been closely monitored. All these results were brought into the foundation, a foundation which was started in 2000, because people felt the need to do something with these results which would benefit the breed.
Due to the fact that the Dutch Kennel Club only accepts clubs as member, the foundation decided to found a club, the NIWC, in 2009, which became a member of the Dutch Kennel Club in 2010.

The foundation, as only Irish wolfhound organization, has been participating in scientific research.

Because of aging of the holders of the health results the persons in question went to the Dutch Kennel Club to offer them all these results, for safekeeping in the future.

During this consultation, in which a board member of the Kennel Club participated, the idea of an outcross was brought up. Both parties (NIWC and Kennel Club) were extremely enthusiastic about this option, an option which is included in the regulations of the Dutch Kennel Club.

The NIWC was given permission by the Kennel Club to have the outcross performed by the foundation. The reason is: the foundation wanted to protect the NIWC and its members. Also, a large sum of money was gifted to the foundation to realize the outcross project, which means the financial resources of the NIWC would not be needed. By this the members of the NIWC are protected from financial damages.

All rules and protocols have been followed thus far. A design plan for this outcross will be filed with the Kennel Club. The most important conditions in this plan include the condition the parents have to meet, how many offspring of the outcross will be used, how many times, how offspring is monitored (health, DNA), if back crossing to the offspring of an outcross is allowed or not, and the time period for outcrossing.

The General Meeting of the NIWC has approved the outcross project.
Moreover - as of July 1, 2014 Dutch law prohibits breeders from breeding with animals that have a particular condition, or an external characteristic that may affect the health or welfare of the animal, or the offspring of the animal, If there is no outcross project for the IW, the breeders of the IW could face prosecution because of the various health conditions of this breed.Can the Gentle Giant among dog breeds, our Irish Wolfhound, count on your support, too?

Your help is needed

Please help us and send your financial contribution to: our new bank account number: SIW/DIWC IBAN account info:
NL36 INGB 0007 2621 50
Stichting de Ierse Wolfshond

Thank you so much, also on behalf of the Irish Wolfhound!