Owners Denver

We'd love to know more about you, and why an Irish Wolfhound?

That's what we were asked and yes, that does make you think about it. Why an Irish Wolfhound? You love the breed and are fascinated by them or you don't like them at all. It's that simple, we think. Wil has had Irish Wolfhounds for at least 30 years and together we've had them for more than 20 years now. This beautiful breed will always be our favorite. They will always surprise us and make our hearts melt; together with other breeds they are wonderful too, are well aware of their strength and size. We consider ourselves very fortunate that we had two who lived well after their tenth birthday, and now we have another terrific well matched pair.

Denver is 7½, he's the teacher, a picture of health, all playfulness and strength. Denver's charisma commands admiration and respect in humans and animals. Boonnoo is almost 6 and has been suffering from epilepsy since he was 4, but the medication keeps it well under control now. He is certainly a magnificent, big , wiry Irish wolfhound, and his appearance will always make people take another look. He tries to run the show, is obstreperous and still very naughty. Together they play a lot, put on sprints every day and after that they rest together in one basket or they race each other for a spot on the sofa, and it happens often that we find them on there together.

Why would we take part in the outcross project? When we were approached with the request to have Denver take part in the outcross project we didn't hesitate for a minute, but said, Yes!
Why? You, having Irish wolfhounds yourselves, will probably say exactly the same as we did, our dogs are so wonderful, but the majority has such terribly short lives and that really should change. We want our beautiful breed to grow old in good health and we are delighted to help with that.

In the meantime our Denver has been taken through the usual health tests and the results are all good, so now he can make his special contribution to the outcross project.

And who are we?

We are Wil and Tilly, together we are Dog Shape Midden Nederland, the fresh petfood shop we are running from our home. We live in the Veluwe-region in the middle of the Netherlands, with our Irish wolfhounds, dachshund, cats, chickens, horse and sheep, enjoying life in the country.

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