Interview with Dr. Andrea Vollmar

1. Who is the woman behind Andrea Vollmar? We only know you from the heart test but what is more interesting to know about you?

Difficult question, I have always been and still am very interested in the veterinary profession. I read a number of veterinary journals on a regular basis, attend veterinary conferences and some of my best friends are veterinary cardiologists from the USA and other European countries. So aspects of veterinary medicine are associated with my private life.
On the other hand I always had a lot of fun with my kids who are now 20 and 18 years of age. My daughter Claudia and I share common hobbies: we have 3 horses and did great horse back rides together in our hilly area and we also had a lot of fun with our 2 Border collies training them, doing agility and so on. In addition we also played volleyball together in a fun team. Now Claudia has started to study veterinary medicine, too. My son, Gerrit, plays soccer in a high league and whenever I have time I attend the matches. We also use to play beach volleyball together or ride our bikes.
In Bonn there are excellent possibilities for entertainment and culture, like art exhibitions and concerts. In summer I enjoy the open air festivals, and often I go to a pub and have a beer with my friends.

2. When did you specialize in heart test?

Cardiology was always my first interest. When I did my education as a small animal veterinary specialist in 2 vet clinics I saw all cardiology cases, reading ECGs and later on started with echocardiography as one of the first in Germany.