Talking with Millie - Team Spirit Fair Play

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Mildred/Millie/Team Spirit Fair Play

Born: 24-04-2009
Deceased: 24-01-2015
At 18 months: epilepsy
By the end of 2014: problems walking
January 24, 2015: pneumonia and put to sleep due to negative prognosis.
Donated her body to science.

Pathology results: Advanced pneumonia, described as serious multifocal acute fibropurulent pneumonia with necrosis.
Moreover, the cervical spinal cord showed multifocal degeneration. This explains the clinical presentation.
The cause of this is unknown.
Cerebrum and hippocampus show light to moderate satellitosis. Diagnosis: Pneumonia and deterioration of neural tissue in central nervous system.

This means that it was impossible to save Millie, even if she had not caught pneumonia. One of my conversations with Millie follows.

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